About Midori

Green in English, Midori is a Japanese word that goes far beyond a color, is a whole concept that grows around deeply in its origins. Midori expresses the color of sprouts, young leaves, plants or trees, and is often used for representing forests, nature or the environment.
Midori originally also meant freshness or even pure, both concepts easy to identify in each piece of the brand’s collections.
Midori is a project that has its roots in the city of Brno, Czech Republic, it grew like a young leaf in the hearts and minds of its founders, two brothers in love with fashion but deeply concerned about the impact of this industry on the planet.
Starting from the profound meaning of its name, Midori creates its collections with a pure and fresh identity by caring for each detail and using eco-sustainable materials such as recycled cotton, recycled PET, jute and other recycled or organic fabrics.
The use and research for new recycled and organic materials with low environmental impact, is Midori’s commitment to raise awareness in the fashion industry for a cleaner and healthier planet, through timeless collections of recycled and eco-sustainable products.
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Midori's vegan shoes photoshooting